Spiders in Brisbane

Wolf Spider

Spiders in Brisbane There are many species of spiders in Brisbane that you will encounter in this part of Queensland. Spiders are predators that feed on insects, different spiders, and now and again little reptiles and creatures of land and water. Either utilizing a silk web to get their prey, or chasing and ambushing their …

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White ants


White ants (termites) Termites are white bodied insects commonly known as white ants. As with many common names, the term appeared because of the look of termites. The color of the termite may vary slightly, depending on what they eat. Termites Brisbane may refer to ants pupae, which can be seen when an ant nest …

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Life as a Termite

Termite Soldier

I suppose like spiders and other crawling critters we install fear into those humans that find us taking over there home, they are not very hospitable and don’t treat us as a guest, but pests and they even have specialist people going around terminating us. We have been around for thousands of years doing a …

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