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Your first purchase or second it makes no difference it can seem difficult to deal with, it is the unknown. Prokil Building and Pest Inspections can help with that unknown feeling by completing a thorough Building and Pest Inspection. We will coordinate with the Real Estate Agent or Tenant. Make the appointment and confirm all details for you.

We always invite you to attend your pre-purchase inspection, so the inspectors can walk you through the finding at the end.

Two Inspectors

Our Building and Pest Inspection team are both Certified by Queensland Health and QBCC. Two inspectors qualified and years of experienced in their field of work. Our mature team of inspectors coordinate the inspection for the best results.

The digital world has made our office paperless and more productive with streamline reports being delivered to our customers devices the same day. The reports which will contain all images of any issues discovered from the inspection for your reference.


Your Pre-Purchase report is designed to give you independent and objective advice about the integrity of the property.  It will expose any hidden surprises before you are committed to buy.

Areas Covered by your Building and Pest Inspections:

  • Structural damage from building settlement and foundation movement
  • Structural Timber damage from Pest (Fungal decay, Borer, Termites)
  • Conditions that can present structural damage
  • Moisture concerns (leaks internal, external)
  • Serious Safety hazards
  • Defective Plumbing, Roof plumbing and flashing
  • Tree roots
  • Lack of Adequate Subfloor Ventilation
  • Evidence of Live Termites, Old termite damage
  • Chemical Delignification damage
  • Conditions suitable for termite activity or entry to the building
  • Evidence of a Termite management system


Older properties will probably have asbestos unless it’s been completely removed by an asbestos company. Asbestos sheeting can be difficult to detect even if it has the characteristics of asbestos sheeting, there has been many changes to the masonry sheeting back just before it was banned as a building material. Our recommendation is if you are concerned about the sheeting of the building contact the services of an asbestos Company that will come and take a sample and do an onsite evolution of the materials


Smoke alarms are becoming more of a concern these days. The Build and Pest Inspection does not cover this very important aspect of home safety. Smoke Alarms and Fire Safety are an integral part of a safe home not just for the integrity of the building. For more information on Smoke Alarms can be found here

Building and Pest Inspection Services from:

Building and Pest Inspection from Only $390

Timber Pest Inspections from Only $170

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Termite Inspection to your home is to probe, look-over scrutinize and observe conditions that are likely to attract or cause termites to seek out your home. Some of the easily perceived areas that could possible attract termites are sometimes missed. Moisture and timbers are the only factors for termites to survive and most homes have more than enough.

Water Leaks and Moisture

Water leaks and moisture can be visible on the external of the building but can also be hidden inside the property, the source of water intrusion can vary from failures in fixtures or plumbing. Bathroom areas are a significant area of breakdown to materials from moisture. Constant use of shower cubicles can have an effect on the tiles, grout and sealant.


Signs of black mould in the grout lines or sealant consists of moisture build-up that has penetrated through to the back of the tiles in the shower cubicle and is always possible that the moisture has penetrated through to the structural timbers.

A constant supply of moisture provided could attract not only decay to the timbers but could be a gateway for termites to the timbers that is available inside of your property.


One of the most common cause of moisture that is found in shower cubicles is caused by building movement and settlement. This causes weakening or cracking to the grout or to the waterproof membrane behind the tiles.  Some of the older properties do not have the waterproof membrane as it was not compulsory.

Tiles and grout are supposed to stay in place for long periods of time but that does not last forever and grout can break down.

Deterioration to a shower cubicle not only looks unsightly, but the timbers behind the shower cubicle tiles will start to take on the moisture supplied, and decay is inevitable to the timbers and that could be a red flag to attract termites.

Are there termites in your home?

There are many conditions around your home that can attract the attention of termites, some obvious like the leaky external tap or overflow pipe from your air conditioning unit.


Termite shelter tubes found to the external wall.


Termites attacking this home does have a termite Barrier

The average repair cost for termite damage to a house can be thousands. The pest inspection is essential if you are purchasing a house, it is part of your due diligence process.

The cost of a building and pest inspection is minimal comparison to buying a home with termites that could be catastrophic.


As a seller it can be a smart move to have a building and pest inspection done before putting it on the market that way you know up front of any concerns that can be rectified before a potential buyer sends their own inspectors through your property.

Might even help keep your market price.

As a purchaser finding your potential new home that does have a few concerns you may be able to negotiate a full termite management system to be installed and any repairs need to be done at the cost to the vendor.



Moisture Mapping

Moisture mapping on the affected area allows us with superimpose grid with corresponding moisture levels for all the building material we test in the Inspection to identify the location of the affected areas.

The corresponding moisture levels can easily be identified in the mapping which allows us to put a visual on paper for you to see what we are looking at.

Thermal Imaging Camera used on all Inspections

  • Advanced Thermal Imagining
  • Finds Hidden Moisture Intrusions
  • Finds leaks
  • Detects heats behind walls

Moisture Detection Equipment and Unique moisture mapping

Designed to locate moisture related problems behind most building materials

  • Detects moisture through paint,
  • wall coatings, drywall, ceramic tiles,
  • floor coverings, wood, roof coverings
  • ceiling tiles.

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