What kind of customers and properties do you work with?

Our services are suitable for owner occupier, investment properties, tenants and commercial properties.

What suburbs do you service?

We cover the Brisbane region including, Logan, Ipswich, Redcliff, Cleveland and the Gold Coast area.

What are your opening times?

Are opening hours from 7.00 am – 9.00 pm Mon – Fri 8.00 am – 4.00 pm Sat

What is required to schedule an appointment?

Your full address, contact number and email, what pest or infestation you have and areas of concern. What payment option you would choose, credit card or cash.

Is there a same day treatment for my pest?

Yes, that would also depend on the suburb and the time of day, we will always try and accommodate with emergencies.

How many technicians do you send out for a treatment?

That depends on what is being treated, but normally just the one technician.

Do the technicians that are scheduled to my property have identification?

Yes, they will have their PMT Qld Health license and be in uniform.

My house is regularly cleaned, so I am surprised we have pests?

Depending on the pest concerned, most pest are seeking food and shelter, hyenine is not a pre-requisite for pests.

What is the best way to catch an insect for identification?

You can use a glue board which are good for the night time when you are not around or if you can spot them spray them with hair spray.

How long does the pest control take?

Depends on the service under taken but normal 12 monthly pest spray usually about 1 hr. If the service is for an infestation that could be longer plus, also these services require two visits.

My neighbour has a pest infestation should I be concerned?

Depends on the type of infestation. It’s a good idea to have a 12-monthly pest inspection.

Can you do your own pest control?

Yes, you can, there is many products out in the market just for that.

Bed Bugs and termites are a bit trickier to control and need professional help.

What are your services agreements?

We pride ourselves on a complete fix to your pest control, even if we have to make a few more trips. Complete satisfaction is the only solution.

Are your chemicals safe around pregnant women?

PMTs must provide the pest control advice (‘the advice’) immediately before or immediately after a pest control activity. This enables the occupier to take any necessary precautions to manage exposure and avoid adverse health effects on any people or animals in the premises.

Are your chemicals pet-friendly?

Normal procedure for pest control around animals would be best to keep animals out of the treated area for 1-4 hours until completely dry.

Fish tanks and garden ponds should be covered up during the pest control.

When you do a flea treatment can you treat my pet?

No, responsible pest control is never practiced on your pets, same day flea treatment to your pet from a veterinary is strongly recommended.

Should I be home on the day my home is being treated?

Yes, if you would prefer but if you must leave or not be home on the day we can arrange for the technician to collect keys.

Is the pest control treatment the same for all properties?

It does vary depending on what is being treated. We aim to customise our services to each client and their pest problem.

Will I continue to see the pest problem after my service?

Sometimes you will see an increase in the activity of the pest we have treated, this is normal as the chemical does activate the pest for a short time.

Sometimes we see dead insects after the treatment?

That means the treatment has been successful.

Should I fix the concerns that was shown in my Termite Inspection?

Yes, Conducive conditions that are noted in the report is always a red flag for potential termite intrusion.

Should we attend the Building and Pest Inspection?

Yes, we always encourage that you should attend the Inspection, that way the inspectors can explain exactly what if any issues the property has.

I think there is termites in my window frame, should I spray them?

No, leave them alone, the less disturbance to a potential termites attack to you home can be the difference to a successful treatment to eradicate an infestation. Call a pest control company straight away.

There is a termite nest in the back yard, does that mean I have termites in my house?

Not necessary, but it would be a good idea to have the nest checked and your home inspected.

Should I have a Barrier to protect my Home from termites?

That is a personal choice, but we will always recommend to protect your home from the potential of termites attacking your home. Barriers can be expensive, but so can timber damage from termites.

How can I pay?

Either by credit card, bank transfer before the service or cash on the day.


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