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Being infested with fleas at home or your work place can be frustrating and annoying the discomfort and irritation to both yourself and pets.

Ongoing bites from the uninvited guest can cause secondary infection, even a single bite can cause severe itching that could persist up to 5 days.
Effective and urgent attention is needed to rid them from your home and pets.
Fleas usually require warm and humid conditions to develop. Due to the flea life cycle and feeding habits.

Everybody reacts different to bites but the more common sight to a bite appears slightly raised and red itchy spot. They can at times bleed.
Fleas can feed for up to three hours from one site, and can drink up to 140 per cent of their body weight in blood

Adult fleas can jump around 30cm high, over a metre in length and will jump around 10,000 times when looking for a host.

What to do to help reduce Fleas

Vacuum thoroughly is highly effective in removing fleas at all life stages present in your home, vacuuming especially in areas where pets rest or sleep, pay attention to carpets, along skirting, under furniture, bedding, rugs and cushions. Vacuuming removes many eggs, larvae and pupae developing within the home. When finished with vacuuming seal the contents and discard to the waste bin.

Hot wash as many items you can including pet bedding, hot soapy water acts as an effective means to kill fleas in all life stages.


Professional Flea Treatment Brisbane

We are a small business delivering professional pest control services for your home and business. Our highly qualified, friendly, and experienced staff are here to help. We offer 12 months warranty service for all residential work and provide an environmentally safe, superior and reliable service and are committed to total customer satisfaction.

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Bed bugs usually are close to their host, after a blood sucking gorge the body swells up to six times it weight during one feed!

Many an insect search for a feast, so if you have insects then spiders will be on the lookout for that next feast.



The biggest cockroach problem in Australia’s kitchens home or business is the German cockroach, it has a massive reproductive rate and will take over the kitchen in a matter of weeks.

Ants favour the warmer conditions and thrive here in Queensland; the common ant has a diverse range of nesting habits from inside your home to around the garden.

They are prolific breeders and increase in numbers significantly.

Being infested with fleas at home or your work place can be frustrating and annoying.

Rats are some of the most troublesome and damaging rodents to homes and businesses.

Silverfish are nocturnal and hide during the day.

Termites or “White Ants,” as they are often referred to, particularly in Australia, are a group of insects that don’t perform like ants.

Termite control combines safety with efficiency.

Termite bait and monitoring stations – Chemical termite barriers.

There is no denying that purchasing a house is a major choice.

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