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Ant Infestation

Ant pest control

Ant control to your property requires the right treatment from the beginning, otherwise, within a few days, they will be back again to annoy you, it may take more than one service depending on the infetstation for the destruction of the colony.

Cockroach infestataion

Cockroach Pest control

Cockroaches are a highly adaptable insect found in most areas of the world. Because of their adaptability they have become a common pest to humans. They will scavenge on starch, sweets, grease, cardboard, fabrics, in fact all human and animal foods, they will eat virtually anything.

spider infestation

spider pest control

Spider control has increased over the years, probably because we are living more closely with bush surrounds, as development moves further out from the main cities. Plenty of insects will attract spiders to your property.

Rodents infestation

Rodent pest control

Mice can live and breed in your inside of your home which provides them with shelter, food and water. Mice are inactive during the day preferring to stay in their nest or burrows, tell-tale signs of droppings would confirm the presence of mice to your home.

flea infestation

flea pest control

Flea control to your home can have an immediate relief from adult fleas with our powerful knockdown solution and on-going treatment to remove eggs and larva. Being infested with fleas at home can be frustrating and annoying the discomfort and irritation to both yourself and pets.

Bed Bug Infestation

Bed Bug pest control

Bed Bugs are blood-sucking insects in the family Cimicidae. Both nymphs and adults feed on sleeping or sedentary humans, mostly at night, a time when this pest’s stealthy habits are difficult to observe.

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