Life as a Termite

Termite Soldier

I suppose like spiders and other crawling critters we install fear into those humans that find us taking over there home, they are not very hospitable and don’t treat us as a guest, but pests and they even have specialist people going around terminating us.

We have been around for thousands of years doing a great job I might say churning all that organic matter and breaking down vegetation and timbers, we are the very best in recycling far better than those humans.

My job as a worker is look after the food supply and tend to mother, you know her better as the queen.

We are a population of thousands even millions at some homes, we differ too, some of my cousins are close some far away, we differ in our diet, basically we eat organic matter, my family prefer soft wood, fresh, old, doesn’t matter taste all the same to us.

My other brothers at my place protect us from any nasties that want to use us for food, they are the brave boys, army of them at home, tough soldiers just doing what comes naturally, so we look after their needs clean and feed all of them, keep them in top form.

Not only we search for juicy wood, water is our life line for survival, we like a drink or two and then a good chew. No rest for us we work 24 hours a day, every day. Mother never stops too, producing millions of us every week, my family is big and healthy and growing every day thanks to the local supply of wood.

Travelling underground is exciting and challenging we never know where we end up sometimes, our radar for water is the scent that leads us to the next supply of goodies, occasionally we come across borders, we just can’t get over this type material, it can be sharp and tough we cannot get through the little holes. We have noticed my brothers getting sick when we have travelled through certain types of soil.

Any of those barriers we avoid now, just go around them until we find what’s suitable and perfect with no obstacles and good clean soil with lots of water.

Maybe my family can be your guest I would love to introduce all my brothers to you? Don’t know about mother she doesn’t really leave her chambers, she is quite shy and likes to stay home, but that’s ok you’ll have enough on your plate with me and my brothers.

Until next time love and chew

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