Silverfish Control


Silverfish are nocturnal and hide during the day; they prosper in dark and moist areas of the home such as cupboards and bathrooms and dark areas of the roof space. They come out at night in search for food and water, they are attracted to paper, clothes, carpet, starch and sugars.

Signs of Silverfish

They don’t like the light and will move rapidly when lights are turned on.

Damage to books from, from them chewing on the pages and bindings

They may have damaged the packaging to dry food such as cereals, flour, pasta, and pet food

You may see dead insects trapped in sinks or baths


Our professional technicians will identify and assess your situation and advise the most effective treatment to your Silverfish Infestation.

Effective Own Treatment

Improve ventilation to your home or business

Reduce moisture levels, using a dehumidifier will help to reduce moisture levels

Removing dust build up will reduce a source of food

Use glass jars with masking tape placed outside of the jar, add a little water inside the jar and they can be used as a capture device.

They like to harbour in between books, papers, magazines, rotate these items, use air tight containers for dry food.

Characteristics of a Silverfish

They have long antennae and resemble the appearance of fish, and wingless.

Silverfish are small grey /blue looking insect that are between 11-20mm.

In reproduction females can lay up to 60 eggs which may take a few weeks to hatch.


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