Small Cockroaches


There are Many types of insects and bugs invade Australian homes. Cockroaches are one of the most common for infestation around the kitchen areas and can present and often have a hard time getting rid of them. Some roaches thrive in certain conditions while others are drawn to other environments. They are one of the most common pests in people’s homes and they carry disease and bacteria, so they are even more of a worry if left untreated.

They thrive in uncleaned areas, near food and near bins and unsensitised environments and they often carry disease and bacteria’s. If you drop food crumbs on your floor the chances are you’ve invited cockroaches into your home or if you’ve done renovations you may have hit the motherload of Germans. In my time as a pest control exterminator people often say to me “All cockroaches look the same” to the untrained eye. A bird has wings and flies but there are many different species of birds. A pigeon and an eagle are very different birds, and both behave very differently too. The same can be said of the American and German cockroaches. They may look similar, but they behave differently and search for different types of environments. One of the most telling signs between both types is that the American is noticeable by its large size and dark reddish/brown colour. If you’ve tried to swat a roach and then it suddenly flies away, its most likely an American and if you’ve left food crumbs on your kitchen floor the American is likely to welcome itself into your home. Germans on the other hand are much smaller and have light brown stripes on its back and are commonly found in walls and dark crevasse. But Germans outnumber Americans by a large percentage they lay multiple eggs in a short period of time and a female can produce up to 150 eggs per year. German females can lay up to 30,000 eggs in one year. While both types of roaches prefer to live in hot and humid environments Germans prefer much more heated and humid environments such as plumbing areas, under cabinets, under refrigerators etc. But Americans can be found in both humid and damp environments. And you won’t find this roach between walls and structures. They prefer humid and dark areas where decaying food, rotting wood, drainage, attics, tree holes etc. These different places of habitat also reflect a difference diet. Americans consume leaves, wood, fungus, algae and human food scraps while Germans will eat pretty much anything they come across including such as toothpaste, paper, leather and food. If you see droppings you should know how to tell the difference between the trail of faeces. Prokil is giving All-In-One Small Business Pest Control Services to your Home and Business. An American will leave blunt faecal matter with ridges. Our little German friends leave black pepper like faeces in their trail. Americans live longer between 1-2 years while Germans have a shorter life span between six months to a year.

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