Termite Inspection

We Offer Multiple Services


Building & pest inspection

Pre-Purchase building & Pest Inspections is probably one of the most important aspecs of the purchase process of your home.

termite inspection

Termatrac Radar Inspection

Is a non-invasive detection device that can help to detect the presence of active termites, by the use of advance radar that penetrates through the walls.

Moisture inspection

Moisture detection to a building is critical to help combat termite infestation, this device can test a wide range of building materials.

Timber sounding inspection

The sounding of timbers can be one of the best method of detection of damage to timbers from termites and fungal decay.

Thermal imaging inspection

Thermal imaging camera used on all inspections to help us identify hidden problems, such as water leaks, heat/cold infiltrations and pests.

Visual inspection

All inspections fundementaly start visually and enhanced with other devices.